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Plain moisturiser

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Washed ghee is an Ayurvedic preparation, commonly prescribed for treatment skin conditions. It is prepared by washing purified ghee one hundred times with water. This procedure transforms the ghee into a soft, cooling, nourishing, silky unguent that is used as a traditional moisturizer and antiwrinkle skin cream. It is a highly concentrated emollient, processed by hand according to ancient Ayurvedic teachings and imbued with mantras; true food for damaged skin as ghee penetrates and nourishes all seven layers of tissue.
Therapeutic Properties
Aids in rebuilding of dermal tissue, supporting healing of skin
Soothes pain due to skin irritation
Decreases inflammation
Moisturizing and astringent qualities help to balance the doshas in the skin
Excellent for reducing Vata and Pitta processes on the skin (sunburn, rosacea, eczema, acne)
Usage Directions
Rub a small dab of ghee directly on the affected area.
If using for face, use about the size of ½ a dime and rub into skin with facial massage after washing.
Store at room temperature
Product improves with age; no expiry
If added essential oils, 4month shelf life. 
Yes, it?s supposed to smell like ghee
The scent dissipates within 10min
It oxidizes faster when you use your finger to dip in the container. So, to keep from getting funky smelling and yellow (signs of oxidation), use a wooden stir stick, or other clean utensil to dip into the container.

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